Considerations To Rent A Photo Booth For Any Event

Any event looks incomplete without the photo booth rentals in San Jose that intends to capture the exciting moments of your guests. Contact PhotoWorks Interactive Photobooth Rentals of San Jose.


Are you looking forward to arranging a crucial event? Any event looks incomplete without the photo booth rentals in San Jose that intends to capture the exciting moments of your guests. Renting a photo booth is considered a perfect choice to boost the feel of any type of celebration. Let’s take a look at some considerations to rent a photo booth in order to lighten up the mood of your party.

Explore the photo booth personally

Prior to finalizing any photo booth company, it is essential to explore it initially, personally. You should scrutinize the overall appearance of that specific photo booth prior to accepting the proposal. The factors such as the way it’ll appear at the party, the way it has been constructed, and whether or not your guests will be attracted. All these things play a crucial role in the success of your celebration.

Check out the props available

The kind of props you will be provided by the photo booth company is amongst the most significant aspects you need to consider. Props enhance the overall experience of the guests inside the photo booth. And, you can even ask the service provider for personalized props to match your event. There are various companies for photo booth rentals in San Jose that offer striking backgrounds, an assortment of costumes, and an interesting use of technology to deliver the exclusive experience.

Consider the needs of your guests

The guests are the vital assets of every party or event. Thus, prior to making a decision for any photo booth rental service provider, it is suggested to consider the requirements and preferences of the guests invited for the event. For instance, if you are planning your child’s birthday party, the majority of guests will be children whereas while planning a wedding, the majority of guests will be adults of different age groups. So, you need to consider things accordingly.

Scrutinize the equipment being incorporated

If you would like to make sure the best moments to be captured throughout the party, it is recommended to scrutinize all tools and equipment being used by the photo booth attendant. Keep in mind that the overall quality of the photos captured and printed will be affected by the use of different kinds of tools and equipment. Plus, you need to make sure that the latest technology tools and equipment are used so as to deliver the best quality photos to your guests.

Last but not the least is that you would like to make sure to maximize the photo booth rental for your event, no matter it is a birthday party, wedding, graduation party or anything else. Everyone wants to demonstrate the exclusivity of the photo booth rental. Ensure to position the photo booth strategically to make every guest aware of its availability and hop in to get the picture clicked. So, opting for one of the best photo booth rentals in San Jose will make sure your guests are provided with the highest quality souvenirs to take along after the party is over.

Renting Open Air Photo Booth For Wedding

PhotoWorks Interactive Photo booth Rentals of San Francisco is known to offer the best photo booth rental in San Francisco with a huge selection of props, customized prints, and professional printing for every type of event or party.

No doubt, we have all been there – you and your friends choose to stuff into an enclosed photo booth rental in San Francisco as you know you have to have a souvenir from the wedding. However, you and your friends are feeling trapped in a photo booth that is really cramped you truly overlook the moment that you are not on a subway. It is hot, tight, and someone just elbowed you in the ribs. Like three times. Still, when you are aware that there’s no option, we have to be prepared, smile, and get a decent pictured clicked inside it.

Wedding photo booth rentals San Francisco

Thanks to the most modern “open air”, kiosk style photo booth that lets you stretch your legs and breathe in the fresh air whilst getting everlasting pictures clicked. Renting an open air photo booth for your wedding is a wonderful option over an enclosed photo booth from the days of mini malls and carnivals. Let us now have a quick look at the way open air photo booth works.

A professional photo booth attendant is provided by the rental company, who sets up the camera on a kiosk style camera stand, complete with a touch screen panel on the front and professional grade lighting on the back. The touch screen serves to be an ideal method to see yourself and perform a final check-up prior to the flashing of lights. As soon as your masterpiece is captured, you will be capable of sharing the photo booth through social media straightforwardly from the touch screen panel. However, the best part of all …

The photo can be totally personalized. You have complete control over everything your guests see right from the background to the print template. Before your photo booth rental in San Francisco for the wedding is set up, you will be going to have a wide range of alternatives laid out to make your choices. To give your photo booth classic look, the professionals always recommend going for the photo strip layout and golden background. Or, if you want something more modern, consider choosing a 4×6 print with marble backdrops.

There is always the elephant in the room with enclosed photo booths. Such photo booths can entertain maximum four guests in a single shot, meaning one of your friends is not going to make the cut, which is not fun at all. When you consider an open air photo booth, you could factually capture a photo of the elephant in room. Such photo booths can accommodate as much as fifteen people in a single shot. You will be provided with a picture that makes you chuckle and keep in mind simply how crazy your wedding was. Not to mention, you will be provided with endless opportunities for photo bombing.

An open air photo booth rental in San Francisco is basically camera + backdrop and such photo booths look really good all by themselves. Plus, being a host, if you are considering it for any corporate event, the photo booth itself can be wrapped with your brand logo for that additional little flair of corporate branding on the event.

Tips To Make Photo Booth Rental Simple

Since inception, photo booths have progressed drastically, and the demand for photo booth rentals in San Francisco has even increased significantly. Capturing the best celebration moments generally takes great equipment and practice. Whether it is for an anniversary or a birthday celebration, or whatsoever special occasion, it is absolutely vital that you rent a photo booth to capture every beautiful moment of that special event. Here are a few tips that will make sure you make the most out of your photo booth rental.

List out service providers offering photo booth rentals

You can locate an array of companies offering rental photo booths for weddings or any other type of celebration. Firstly, create a list of such service providers and shortlist the ones close to your neighborhood.

Comparing prices

At the time of renting a photo booth, make sure you ask for a quote from several service providers for comparison. Do not miss to inquire about any additional charges like props, photo printing, changeable backdrops, or anything else. It might be bothersome to make quote comparison but you should finalize a specific company after looking into various aspects.

Deciding on the appearance

Photo booths are available in different sizes and shapes. Some service providers offer photo booth in the form of curtained rooms, tents, and plain booths. Some of the photo booth rentals in San Francisco can accommodate 2 to 4 guests in a single shot while there are some that can accommodate as much as 15 to 20 guests in a single shot.

Looking into assorted features

Photo booths are known for some amazing features. You may wish to present the pictures as souvenirs to your guests. You may even wish to incorporate personalized backdrops and special props and therefore checking whether they are of good quality and are hygienic is something one of the key things to be considered before renting a specific photo booth.

Adding a fun factor to your party

Whenever you attend a party, you intend to have fun and make the most out of that party or celebration. Every party host desires to allow all guests to have a wonderful time at the party. Adding fun props and allowing the guests let their hair down and take crazy photos while being themselves.

Finalizing the kind of photo prints

In addition to allowing guests take away photos as souvenirs, there are several photo booth service providers who intend to offer digital copies of the photos clicked that can be converted into photo albums afterward.

Social media integration

One of the best things that the majority of photo booth rentals in San Francisco offer is social media integration. Especially when it comes to corporate events, social media integration is highly preferred. It lets your guests or employees share photo booth pictures online on various social networking websites right away while having fun in the photo booth. It enhances the reputation of the company as the pictures are seen by a wide range of people, some of which are your potential clients.

Photo Booth Rentals – Things To Consider

Regardless of the type of party you are planning, photo booth rentals in San Francisco is a must to make sure your guests have a wonderful time throughout. Prior to deciding on a specific service provider, here are some considerations that you should keep in mind.

Regardless of the type of party you are planning, photo booth rentals in San Francisco is a must to make sure your guests have a wonderful time throughout. Prior to deciding on a specific service provider, here are some considerations that you should keep in mind.

Photo booth size

Bigger is always better, especially when it comes to photo booths. It’ll not be able to simply accommodate you perfectly, but you can simply jump inside along with a small group adding to the excitement. Specifically for weddings, having a bigger photo booth size is a necessity as it offers more possibilities for capturing priceless memories.


It’s your wedding and you want it to be amazing. You never know when a printer, camera, hard drive or a flash may fail. You must ensure that the service provider you are willing to hire has back up equipment as well. The majority of photo booth companies are well prepared to tackle such situations to make sure everything goes on smoothly throughout the party.

Print quality

A lot of photo booth service providers make use of printers that don’t turn out accurate picture quality prints so as to save time and money. If possible, make sure to request the potential service provider for photo booth rentals in San Francisco to mail you the real sample picture so you can make a contrast of the print quality. You’ll certainly be amazed at the variation once you observe them side by side.

Running time

There are a lot of photo booth service providers that only commit to being up and running for at least 80% of the planned running time of the party or the event. However, do you only shell out for 80% of the cost of the photo booth? Even though it looks like being crazy, however, take care that you are familiar with precisely how much “running time” you’re getting for the money you are shelling out of your pocket for renting a photo booth.

Back up procedures

Do not miss to inquire about the procedure of back up of the files. Just imagine you have lost the DVD after some time. Ask your photo booth service provider for how long the backup DVD will be kept intact for years down the line. Or, does the service provider make use of the spinning hard drives that are prone to crashing over time in order to save the files of your valued memories?

Image size

Last but not the least is that you make sure you inquire about the size of the files that will be created in the photo booth rental in San Francisco. You never know when you will find that “One in a million” shot and when you do, you will certainly wish to enlarge the print up to sixteen inches or even bigger.

So, are you planning any party or corporate event? Make sure you check out this quick post to discover “Considerations to make the most of photo booth rental” and add that fun flair to your event!

Boost Your Brand Visibility With A Photo Booth

A photo booth is much more than a simply fun addition to parties and weddings, but can actually make an impact on your business when used correctly. Considering the best photo booth rental in San Jose for your corporate event or party can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and contribute to market it as social media users share their pictures clicked in a photo booth with their followers and friends, therefore helping spread the word on your brand.

Personalized Background – It is a key to enhance your brand’s visibility. Consider personalizing a background with company’s website, social media handles, logo and everything else you would like to be observable in the picture of your guests. When the photos are shared with through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, your company’s information is also shared automatically, thus reaching to more and more people.

Enduring Branded Souvenir – Photo booths with the logo of your brand on the background as well as on the photo printouts offers everlasting branded souvenirs that will have your brand’s information forever on them. Personalized covers can incorporate the name of your company, logo, and name of the event, which will be exposed to anyone who sees that keepsake.

Instant Social Media Sharing – Sharing on social media right away is one of the key features that the best photo rental in San Jose will offer. Your guests can post the pictures clicked inside a photo booth instantly rather than waiting to get the photos to be transferred on their smartphones and then uploading to the social media account. This instantaneous sharing offers your company the capability of creating awareness as the event is taking place in real-time.

Real-Time Awareness – A unique #hashtag for the users can be created easily that will help to create real-time alertness regarding the event of your company. That hashtag can be used by your guests while getting the pictures clicked in a photo booth during the corporate party. Others can make use of that hashtag to keep up with what is taking place in the party and if there is enough communication, it can also go viral with the correct marketing support.

A Gift that Keeps on Giving – Pleased staff will always make an effort to support the brand they work for and that is precisely what you will receive by renting a photo booth for your company’s party such as an event related to the team, Christmas party, or even a picnic. With photo booth rental for your company’s event or party, you are sure to give your staff with something fun and exciting to do at the event or party, encourage teamwork and offers memories that are sure to last forever. Pictures clicked in the best photo booth rental in San Jose can even be a shareable thing that your company’s staff can upload on their social media account, revealing how wonderful your company is to work for.

Reasons Your Business Event Needs A Photo Booth

In the age of tweets and selfies, throwing a corporate event that truly entertains your staff is becoming a progressively more tricky achievement. Considering photo booth rentals in San Jose is an ideal approach to make sure your event does not wind up on the wrong side of the Snapchat of an employee. Let’s explore some reasons why you should consider getting a photo booth.

Numerous marketing pictures for your corporate website

Every company desires to get marketing friendly, quality pictures of their staff that can be added to a corporate site as well as social media channels. You want to tell everybody that your company has happy staff after all. Although, like most of the companies, you can hire a professional photographer to click pictures of the staff at work, however, it will certainly look awkward, unintentional candid. However, with the pictures clicked in a photo booth, it will look absolutely natural as compared. Moreover, to get some lively pictures of the employees, make sure you add a spectrum of props as well.

Completely branded experience

There are a lot of contemporary photo booth service providers that can custom brand the whole photo booth experience for your company. Right from the custom wrapper on the photo booth itself to the print template, professional photo booth rentals in San Jose can make sure that any person who stops by your booth will be exposed to your brand right away. If by any chance, you have any potential customers or clients available at the event, they will get walking away with the printout – having your logo printed on it – that will act as an unending reminder.

Lasting memories for your staff

Finally, you threw a successful official party and your staff totally loved it. However, if you do not have the photos to demonstrate it, your wonderful event will live in legends only. By renting a photo booth, you are making sure that every staff member will definitely have a lasting memory of the official party. There is virtually no better approach to brighten up your workplace other than those amusing pictures clicked at a photo booth, where you and your manager were wearing those funny mustaches. The entire staff will be queuing up to have a glimpse of what crazy prop the manager is going to make use of in his picture.

Keep in mind that a professional photo booth service provider will definitely add a fun, exciting, and memorable experience for every staff member. And, with email and social media access that comes standard with all contemporary photo booth rentals in San Jose, you can simply rest assured that every employee of your company will receive his or her gratification, on the spot, fix through social sharing.

All About Photo Booth Rentals For Your Next Event

Photo Works Interactive offers photo booth for rent. Call us at (800) 990-8445 if you wish to rent photo booths for Corporate Events, Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, Fundraisers, Graduations & Reunions etc.

While planning for an event or a celebration, you would probably wish to make sure the presence of some sort of entertainment and fun. For this, it is worth taking up San Jose photo booth rental services. Certainly, there is nothing relatively as entertaining as getting the pictures clicked with strangers and friends at the same time taking pleasure in the same gathering. But if you wish to consider a photo booth rental, you may doubt the kind of options and features provided. Moreover, you may even wish to discover ways to find the best rental deal.

Mull over the cost

For the most of the events and celebrations, people have a fixed, particular financial plan for the entire thing. Therefore, you necessitate making sure the service provider for photo booth you are planning to opt for is not going to make you shell out beyond the set financial plan. Once you are all set for photo booth rental, make certain you do a comprehensive research to obtain quotes from diverse party supply providers. It will facilitate you to make price comparisons as well as get the best suitable for your needs.

Consider the options & features offered

The majority of contemporary San Jose photo booth rental services offer an array of options and features. For instance, the graphics, backgrounds, or frames can be personalized for the pictures to be printed. In addition, you can even select a personalized theme that goes best with the event or party, or when it comes to the weddings, you can ask the service provider to include the name of the bride and groom on the photo printouts.

Here are some additional tips to pose in a photo booth:

  • Be Artistic– Overlook the most common things such as sticking the tongue out or a silly face as everybody does the same. Imagine something out of the box that needs to be funny, yet creative. You can consider being completely involved in an illusory conversation while using the cell phone as a prop.
  • Tell a Tale– Multiple pictures are printed in the form of photo strips by the majority of photo booths. It can be used as a quick story line to be narrated in a few shots. For this, you can visualize an old school cartoon strip as well.
  • Utilize Props– Usually, an array of props are provided by a photo booth service provider to add an exclusive touch to the overall experience. Make sure you try every prop available and get the most out of the pictures at the event.

PhotoWorks Interactive Photobooth Rentals of San Jose


So, in the case you are in search of a reliable source to add fun and entertainment to your party, it is always recommended to consider San Jose photo booth rental services. Make sure you keep the considerations mentioned above in mind and let your guests get the most out of your celebration.