Selecting A Wonderful Backdrop For A Rental Photo Booth

In view of the fact that, over the past few years, the open-air photo booth rentals in San Jose have turned out to be more and more popular, backdrops have grown to be a more significant component of the entire photo booth experience. Even though not always a necessity for every open-air photo booth rental, opting for a wonderful backdrop for the party can take the photos to the next level. The following are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind while selecting a great backdrop for a rental photo booth for your party:


The majority of backdrops will be something like 8’ x 8’. The addition of a backdrop stand can add to the area required to set up the backdrop. Be certain to ask the photo booth service provider regarding the requirements of their setup in order to ensure that you can make suitable preparations with the venue without any difficulty.


There is a complete spectrum, of materials that can be used to make backdrops, and every kind of material has its own pros and cons. It could be really useful to inquire on the subject of the type of material when you are going to make a booking if you have any particular requirements.

When it comes to backdrops with solid colors for photo booth rentals in San Jose, the majority will be made of muslin, which is a cotton fabric. It is very lightweight and simple to care for but can get wrinkles very easily, potentially reducing the quality of photos. Flawless paper rolls can even be used that will virtually get rid of wrinkles. The paper rolls take up fairly a bit of space and can be tricky to transport though to and from the venue of the party.

Over the past couple of years, sequined backdrops have been extremely admired. They are typically made of a fabric backing with individual sequins sew onto the front. Such backdrops for photo booths are often eye-catching and can make for shots that simply look distinctive and stylish. There are a lot of different varieties of varying quality though so make certain to look around for galleries of past events to make out what you will actually be getting.

Do not miss to keep the following pro tips in mind:

  • If the party is in a picturesque setting, it is possible that a feature of the venue could be used as a backdrop. However, do not miss to have a word with the photo booth service provider regarding their options.
  • Check out some interesting backdrop ideas on Pinterest. Some of the best backdrops are custom made for a particular party.
  • Ask about the dimensions.
  • Do not essentially select the most popular one. Try to find something that fits your party and personality as well.
  • To get a feel for the different backdrops, look through galleries of previous parties.

To make the most of the photo booth rentals in San Jose, make sure you get the best backdrops and take the photos to the next level!

Comparing Classic & Digital Photo Booths

These days, you have an option to choose from a wide range of photo booth rentals in San Francisco. They are so awesome that it can be confusing to decide between them. Classic and digital photo booths are the most common choice these days and the following are a few differences between them that can help you make a perfect choice for your event or party.

Digital Photo Booths

  • Social Media Ready – Since your super cute selfie is already in digital format, it is ready to be posted, shared, and linked across the entire social media accounts. You will even have the option to email or text the photos to yourself.
  • Smaller Footprint – Such photo booths often have a super small footprint, so it can fit through the narrowest doorways and not take any space away from the dance floor. You need every available inch when you bust out the best crazy moves.
  • Plenty of Room – A lot like an open-air photo booth, the digital photo booths have a capacity to accommodate as much as 6-8 adults. In addition, you can feature the venue as a background or choose from any personalized backdrop as well.
  • Boomerangs – Working with a digital format allows for a few additional options than a still photo. Digital photo booth rentals in San Francisco also offer animated boomerangs, which is a kind of GIF that animates forward, then rewinds back.

Classic Photo Booths

  • Black & White Photos – These are the only ones that take black & white photos in addition to colored ones. The classic photo booth is simply the way to go if you are in search of the ultimate vintage feel.
  • Video Messaging – A Classic photo booth does not mean that it is just a traditional box in which you go to get a photo clicked. However, these days, they are also equipped with photo and video messaging capabilities. The guests can leave their best wishes, share a fun memory, sing a goofy song, tell a joke inside, or whatsoever they would like.
  • Personalized Welcome Screen – You get a customized welcome screen to greet every guest. You can consider including a cute photo with your names and the date for weddings, and for corporate events, consider having the company logo front and center. However, put a cute baby photo for the aunts to coo over for bar or bat mitzvah.
  • Classic 2 x 6 Print – What 80’s kid does not remember getting photo strips with friends at the mall? With a classic photo booth, you will get the traditional 2 x 6 photo strip you are familiar with and love.
  • Classic Retro Experience – There is something so nostalgic and comfortable about stepping inside a photo booth with your family, friends, or spouse and taking photos behind the curtain. Happy couples can share a romantic kiss, shy people can let loose.

Digital and classic photo booth rentals in San Francisco, CA each have their merits. All you need to do is select a reputed company and a little personalization to make photo booths so much fun!

Ways To Tailor A Wedding Photo Booth

Weddings are all about cake, wedding dress, flowers, caterer, and a fun photo booth rental in San Francisco. Photo booths are now amongst the must-haves for the wedding checklist, and this is for a very good reason. They are meant to entertain every guest all night long, capture the most beautiful moments of the best day of your life, and they can be a wonderful addition to wedding decor.

Even though there are several ways that can help you tailor your wedding photo booth, however, the following are some of the most promising ways that you can always count on:

  • Have a self-driving photo booth

Speaking of being a wonderful addition to wedding décor, Vintage vehicles turned into photo booths will add a romantic touch and make any place into an ideal wedding photo shoot, no matter it is inside or outside the vehicle!

  • Add a photo filter that goes with the color theme

Adding a filter can convert a classic photo booth into a glamorous, distinctive photo station. Whether you would like to draw attention to yellow, red, and blue or add some RGB light shadows, it will make the wedding photo booth different from any other one out there.

  • Pick a different photo studio concept

With the technology out there, there are never-ending options for photo studios, including flipbooks, slow motion studio, GIFs, and light painting. Choose one that will surprise the guests. Slow-motion is always a huge hit. A top-rated service provider for photo booth rental in San Francisco can provide some fresh petals that the guests can throw up in the air and see fall in slow motion. It does not get more romantic than that!

  • Create your own personalized setup

Select any images for the Green Screen backdrop, on work with the service provider on setting up a photo background. For example, this background could be the gazebo where you said your vows. Green screen photos of your soon to be a honeymoon destination, or a romantic scene with a flower wall, lanterns, and wicker chairs.

As much fun as photo booths are (and they are a blast), a few people will always need a little boost to get started. While guests are waiting in line, offer a pose suggestion box for people who need a little nudge or an idea.

  • Pose like a boy band
  • Let someone else choose your prop
  • Do the Macarena (if the photo booth comes with video messages)
  • Flex those muscles
  • Pose like Charlie’s Angels
  • Give someone a piggy back ride

Without any doubt, photos trigger our favorite memories unlike anything else. However, it is not just all about creating memories, but even to provide the guests at the wedding with the most entertaining time all through the night. There are a lot of things that can help you get your photo booth rental in San Francisco tailored your own way that will meet your needs and help you make the most of your investment for your big day!

Mirror Or Traditional Photo Booth – What To Choose?

Are you in search of something exclusive and contemporary? Or, are you looking for a photo booth rental in San Francisco to get a nostalgic experience? Do you know the difference between a traditional and mirror photo booth? The best way to answer it is like this: Would you prefer crème brulee or a chocolate cake?

What are you in search of?

No photo booth can be labeled as “the best photo booth” since each of them is ideal for a different event. So, the professionals like to look at it from a different perspective what are you in search of? Ahead of the fact that you would like some type of a photo novelty at your party, what is the experience you would like for you and the guests?

Let us break down the key differences between a traditional photo booth experience and the mirror photo booth experience you know and love.

Traditional Photo Booths

These offer a nostalgic photo booth experience, where you step “inside” and take the photos. Traditional photo booths even offer the following sorts of experiences as well:

  • Choose between 2×6 or 4×6 printouts.
  • You get a USB of the entire shots and videos captured at the end of the party or event.
  • Take a photo series or record a video message for the guests of honor.
  • Take three photos, along with a five-second countdown in between.
  • Choose between black and white or color photos.

Mirror Photo Booths

These are often a contemporary twist of the traditional photo booth experience. Even though your family and friends have experienced photo booths at some graduation parties or wedding in the past, however, possibilities are they have not at all witnessed anything like this.

  • The full-length LED touch screen mirror blends impeccably into the event décor. A mirror photo booth is an ideal option if you are throwing a themed party and do not wish to “ruin the magic” with a traditional photo booth.
  • You will get a link to the photos within two days of the party, in addition to the printed version to take home.
  • Before the photo prints, you’ve got the choice to sign the touch screen with your name or add a favorite saying, in addition to fun graphics to your photo.
  • When taking pictures, you can see yourself in the full-length mirror. In between pictures you will be motivated by the fun, interactive prompts.
  • Print out lab-quality 4×6 prints.
  • Due to the incredible technology, mirror photo booths are exclusively for indoor parties.

As you can now witness the basic differences between mirror photo booths and traditional photo booths, you can now choose for a specific experience a little effortlessly. However, based on what sort of features you would like for a special occasion, you most likely already have a favorite. To get the most promising photo booth rental in San Francisco, approach a leading service provider and make sure you create lasting beautiful memories!

A Brief Treatise On Enclosed Photo Booths

There are a lot of different types of photo booths available these days. However, one of the most common options that people have been offered is an enclosed photo booth rental in San Francisco. It is amongst the typical options that have been into existence for more than a decade now. Let us take a quick look at these photo booths here in this short guide.

An enclosed photo booth is what the majority of people think of when they think of renting a photo booth, regardless of the type of celebration or event they are planning for. The traditional photo booths have been around forever, so it is something that just about every person is aware of. However, let us go over the details anyhow.

  • Classic Appeal

This is the OG photo booth and it has been around for years now. Such sort of photo booths has always been known for having a traditional, retro appeal that is very hard to resist. There is simply something about climbing into the photo booth and closing the curtain at your rear that brings back high school memories of hanging out at the mall with the friends.

  • More Compact

Even though the open-air photo booths themselves are much smaller, the full selfie station could, in fact, be smaller with a closed photo booth. Everything, including posing space, lighting, curtains, background, and camera is contained to a 4’ x 25’ space in an enclosed photo booth rental in San Francisco. It makes this space more space-saving if you do not have a lot of wiggle room in the place.

  • More Private

For a number of guests, being out in the open is not an advantage. Enclosed photo booths can give confidence to shyer guests to take those crazy shots every person loves. And, having a more private photo booth adds a “VIP” element to it that can be enhanced with one of the velvet ropes.

  • Better Lighting

For the reason that everything is so personal and up close, the lighting will be a little superior when you opt for getting an enclosed photo booth. If the venue of the party is dark and you do not have any additional source for light, renting a traditional photo booth may possibly be the right way to go.

  • Additional Accessories

With every photo booth rental, you are sure to get a variety of props and a professional attendant. However, if you consider renting a photo booth from a top-rated service provider, you are sure to get certain add-ons that are just available with the enclosed photo booth.

Above all, there are several service providers from where you can consider getting LED rooftop lighting and a neon photo booth sign. These add-ons are unquestionably wonderful at enticing guests at the party to take their pictures. However, when you consider an open-air photo booth rental in San Francisco, you will not be provided with all such sorts of things or add-ons. So, it is best to go for an enclosed photo booth!

How Can A Photo Booth Let Your Brand Stand Out?

It is absolutely correct that photos tell a story and we live in a society that has been enthralled by the likes of memes, Snapchat, and Instagram. It is no wonder that photo booth rentals in San Francisco have noticed a resurgence in recent years. However, leveraging this visual trend goes further than fueling the client’s selfie cravings. If done right, it is a strong marketing tool that’ll add to brand awareness, engagement, the bottom line, and a lot more.

The following are a few ways you can leverage this innovative technology to make an event successful and increase the ROI:

An influential branding prospect

A brand is brought to life by photo booths. The shots captured at the event will be shared on social media and viewed by individuals worldwide. Every view is a prospective new client for a brand. However, photo booths exceed marketing services. It is a promising approach to get a brand out there by turning happy snappers into brand ambassadors by putting the logo onto the photos.

Not just will the guests connect the brand with a joyful memory, but as the photos are shared on social media, your brand awareness will be expanded.

Social awareness results in sales

95% of clients are more expected to purchase a product if it has been suggested to them by a person they follow online. With digital content playing such a vital part of the customer purchasing procedure, getting into the feed of the people without a hard sell is paramount.

Considering photo booth rentals in San Francisco is amongst the most promising approaching of doing this. Creating such unforgettable pictures paves the way for a deeper connection with the target audience. In exchange for an Insta-worthy photo, you get a genuine spot in their newsfeeds that no amount of Facebook advertisements can buy.

By having the business linked with somebody you are familiar with, you have already begun to create a more personal connection that you can’t get through banner advertisements or sponsored stories. The more people like, re-tweet and share the photo from the event, the greater the prospects of turning somebody into a prospective client. Whether they already need the service or will in the future, the personal and positive connection will keep the brand in front of the competition.

Event engagement increased with the photo booth

Are the guests at the event bored, uninspired and making an effort to hold back yawns? It is the worst nightmare of every event manager, but it is unluckily fairly common. If you would like people to attend your subsequent event and get the most out of the one they’re at, you need to keep them mentally engaged.

How? With a social photo booth!

It is a fun space where every guest can get creative, take a break from the information overload and even walk away with a new profile photo. Such sort of photo booth rentals in San Francisco provides you with a brilliant opportunity for networking.

Stunning Backdrops Ideas For Themed Party Photo Booths

No matter you are planning a theme party or event, you must be wondering the ways to add one of the best photo booth rentals in San Francisco with maximum impact. Wonder no more! Here, in this guide, you can go through a few promising backdrop ideas that can take any sort of themed party to the next level. Let us check them out here.

Neon Jungle

This is one of the sleekest backdrops that are created around a neon sign, with simply a few tropical plants as well as a golden flamingo thrown in for good measure. Bold plants always work wonders in every type of the photo booth and the neon adds a wonderful pop.

Forever Blowing Bubbles

This is one of the amazing backdrops that create an astonishing effect with simply a few balloons that are colored oddly and are blown up to diverse sizes. This themed backdrop can be adjusted for any nautical-themed events, or simply for that typical party balloons schtick.

No Wallflowers

This is a backdrop made of timber in order to make it give the impression the poser is in a Swiss ski chalet somewhere. This sort of backdrop gives a wonderful effect using the warm texture of the wood blended with the brilliantly arranged eucalyptus, berries, roses, tulips, and other floral gloriousness.

Game for Anything

Can you simply believe Luigi and Mario made their initial emergence in Donkey Kong way back in 1981? This checkerboard with 80s fluoro flashes for the themed photo booth rentals in San Francisco combine absolutely flawlessly with any retro events.

Pegs & Props

Straightforward but adjustable peg board behind the photo booth lets you add a personal touch or put away the variety of props there for effortless access. Add in shelves, pegs to hand decorations from, or anything else you can think of.

Rose to the Occasion

Instagram-tastic flower walls always go down a storm. This unbelievable array of roses offers an ideal backdrop for any sort of wedding, beauty brand launch party and a lot more. This type of backdrop idea for a themed photo booth is always a hit.

Hard Graffiti

Fully down with the kids this one. The decoration that has been inspired by graffiti is always a perfect fit for any type of an elegant urban party or event.

Curiouser & Curiouser

A Mad Hatters Tea Party themed soiree was impeccably matched with this sort of leafy photo booth backdrop that has been adorned with clocks and framed. Flamingo perhaps not completely in keeping with the book but it is authentically hard to keep that bird out of the booth.

Let the Good Times Roll

Shakes and patties abundantly at this rocking 50s themed party, if just burgers were that big in real life!

Do you still need some more inspiration? You can always check out with one of the leading service providers for photo booth rentals in San Francisco and check out what options are available to rock your themed party or event!